Salary Packaging

Salary packaging is an Australian Tax Office approved way of restructuring your income. It enables you to buy a range of everyday items out of your pre-tax salary rather than your after-tax salary.

The vast majority of our employees are eligible to salary package the $9,010 tax free cap each Fringe Benefits Tax year (1 April to 31 March). You can package a range of benefits such as your mortgage, rent, or general living expenses. 

If you’re already salary packaging:

Review your NSW Health payslip and your Smartsalary reimbursement advice carefully to ensure your salary packaging has continued as expected. You can contact Smartsalary on 1300 476 278 with any questions you may have.

Your Smartsalary reimbursement advice will be sent fortnightly to your nominated email address. If you have not received this please contact Smartsalary to confirm/update your email address.

Important information about changes to the Meal Entertainment benefit

Learn about the changes on our Meal Entertainment page.  

If you want to start salary packaging:

  • Call Smartsalary on 1300 476 278
  • Application forms are available online at Smartsalary’s website. Register your details on the site to access the forms and get started.

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