What is eCredential

eCredential is an online system designed to simplify the credentialing and appointment process of Senior Medical and Dental Officers across NSW Health. 

Clinicians can create an online profile to store and maintain credentialing information. Your profile and information will remain private and will not be shared unless you choose to share it.

Clinicians can use eCredential to apply for positions across our networks. Taking the application process online improves confidentiality and creates a more efficient process which can avoid lost information from paper-based processing. 

Applying for Senior Medical & Dental Officer Positions in NSW Health Pathology

From August 2016, all applications for Senior Medical & Dental Officer positions within NSW Health Pathology must be submitted via the eCredential system.

Vacancies will still be advertised via NSW Health eRecruit and Senior Medical & Dental Officer positions will direct applicants to the eCredential system.

You can create and update your profile at any time. To complete the Clinician Profile you will need to upload scanned copies of your credentialing information. It should take around 30 minites to create your profile. 

You won't be able to apply for Senior Medical & Dental Officer positions using eCredential until you upload the required documentation. We recommended you create your profile and keep it up-to-date so you're ready to apply for any new positions.

How to get started

Visit the eCredential Log-in page and click the “Register” button at the top of the page.

A Clinician Profile may have already been created for you if you currently work or have worked at another health entity in Australia. You'll be notified at the account creation stage if your AHPRA Registration Number is already associated with an existing eCredential account.

If you have an existing eCredential account, use the “Forgotten your password or username?” feature to reset your password or to log in for the first time.

More Information

For more information contact our Medical Workforce Manager, Marco Chan p: 9464 4749.