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To access biospecimens (tissue, blood, cells, urine, DNA/RNA or protein), or Data, and/or research services (like sample collection and/or pathology and forensic testing) from NSW Health Pathology, which does not involve conducting research at any facility, location or services under the control of NSW Health Pathology, please complete our Access Request Form (Research Application). 

The access request will be processed by our local clinical trial/research coordinators listed below who might provide you with a quote if we are able to offer the research services requested. All access requests will need to be internally reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you need to ask questions before submitting the Access Request Form, please contact the local clinical trial/research coordinator.

NSW Health Pathology's Research Framework outlines the requirement of project level research agreements clarifying obligations, responsibilities and rights of the parties responsible for conducting or providing a service to the research project and we have several standard contract templates for this purpose.

For data requests requiring linkage, NSW Health Pathology recommends contacting CHeReL. If a data request is approved, NSW Health Pathology follows NSW Health Policy Directive PD2008_001 Disclosure of Unit Record Data by putting in place an authority for data release authorisation AND disclosure of information form before releasing any data.

For collaborative research projects, where NSW Health Pathology staff is listed as investigators,  NSW Health Pathology needs to be added as a site in REGIS which will generate a site-specific assessment for NSWHP. If you would like to discuss a potential research collaboration with NSW Health Pathology, please speak with our Research Office: Email:


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Need prices for upcoming research project, clinical trials or grant budgets?

Please use our statewide pricing model  (PDF 3.4MB) for research services.


NSW Health Pathology Clinical Trial/Research Coordinators

Clinical Operations

(vial location)



Hunter New England
Central Coast
Mid North Coast
Northern Sydney
Northern NSW

Michelle Spiers

Rebecca Walters

South Western Sydney

Rina Upadhyay



South Eastern Sydney

Hayter Wong

Karla Jerez

Illawarra Shoalhaven

Vidiya Ramachandran

Western Sydney


Masood Farooq (tissue)
Zarah Timbol (non-tissue)

Nepean Blue Mountains

David Smith (tissue)

Zarah Timbol (non-tissue)

Rural and Regional NSW

Neil Catlett

Statewide Service



Forensic and Analytical Science

Stephanie Hales

NSW Health Statewide Biobank

Michael Evtushenko

Point of Care Testing (PoCT)

Andrew Sargeant


Nicole Pearce

Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC-MS)

Christopher Hodgkins

NSW Health Statewide Biobank

Michael Evtushenko