Research policies

The following policies, procedures, guidelines and supporting documents govern our research in NSW Health Pathology. The policies are contained in the NSW Health Pathology Policy Library.  

NSW Health policies


PD2005_370  Intellectual Property Arising from Health Research Policy 
PD2008_030 HREC and Research Governance: Fee Policy for Review of Commercially Sponsored Research
PD2010_055  Research - Ethical and Scientific Review of Human Research in NSW Public Health Organisations
Research - Authorisation to Commence Human Research in NSW Public Health Organisations 
PD2011_006  Clinical Trials - Insurance and Indemnity 
PD2011_028  Clinical Trial Research Agreements for Use in NSW Public Health Organisations 
PD2015_037  Data Collections - Disclosure of Unit Record Data for Research or Management of Health Services 
PD2017_039  Safety Monitoring and Reporting for Clinical Trials Conducted in NSW Public Health Organisations 

NSW Health guidelines

GL2006_021 Human Tissue - Requirements of the Human Tissue Act 1983 in relation to research and use of tissue 
GL2007_020 Quality Improvement & Ethical Review: A Practice Guide for NSW 
GL2010_015 Operations Manual: Research Governance Officers 
GL2011_001 Research Governance in NSW Public Health Organisations 

NSW Health Pathology policies and frameworks

Link (PDF 4.3MB)

Research Strategy Towards 2025

NSWHP_PD_026 (PDF 279.9KB)

Research Publication Authorship, Affiliation and Acknowledgement Policy

NSWHP_CG_007 (PDF 383.8KB)

Intellectual Property Framework

NSWHP_F_00013 (PDF 71.7KB)

Intellectual Property Disclosure Form

NSWHP_CG_013 (PDF 554.1KB)

Research Governance Framework

NSWHP_PD_032 (~~~DocAnnotation.type.52646~~~ ~~~DocAnnotation.size.52646~~~)

Research Code of Conduct

 NSWHP_PR_049 (PDF 209.6KB) Research Governance Procedure
 NSWHP_SD_049 (PDF 275.6KB) Research Governance Site Specific Application (SSA) Checklist
 NSWHP_F_052 (PDF 445.9KB) Resolution - Research, Complaint Submission Form


NHMRC guidelines

 National Statement on Ethical Conduct of Human Research
 Research Governance Handbook: Guidance for the national approach to single ethical review
 Good Practice Process for Site Assessment and Authorisation Phases of Clinical Trial Research Governance
 Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2018 and supporting documents (including Managing and Investigating Potential Breaches of the Code)
 Lawlink NSW


Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW) - HRIP Act 
Health Records and Information Privacy Regulation 2012 (NSW) 
Health Records and Information Privacy Code of Practice 2005
Statutory Guidelines on Research 

Clinical research information

Therapeutic Goods Administration 
Note for Guidance on Good Clinical Research Practice