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Need information on NSW Health Pathology services for your research project?

Non-NSW Health Pathology researchers can find more information about NSW Health Pathology's services for other health researchers here.

The NSW Health Statewide Biobank

The state-of-the-art NSW Health Statewide Biobank processes, stores and provides high-quality samples for health and medical research.  There are a range of service options for researchers to store and access stored biospecimen samples of external collections. You can visit the biobank website for more information.

Are you collaborating with a NSW Health Pathology employee?

Please consider the following steps:

STEP ONE - Register your research project via the NSW Health Research Ethics and Governance Information System (REGIS).

  • If you're the Co-ordinating principal investigator*, you will need to complete a Human Research Ethics Application (HREA) and a Site Specific Application (SSA) for your site.
  • If you're not the co-ordinating principal investigator, but a Principal Investigator* you will only need to complete a Site Specific Application (SSA) for your site. An SSA also needs to be completed by the NSW Health Pathology investigator on your research project.

* Co-ordinating principal investigator holds primary responsibility over the entire project (as well as responsibility of the project at their research site).

* Principal investigator holds responsibility over the project at the research site only.

STEP TWO: Human Research Ethics Application (HREA)

  • Submit the application via REGIS to an NHMRC certified Human Research Ethics Committee.
  • Add all investigators including their sites (Please note, each new site will auto-generate an SSA)
  • Ensure the NSW Health Pathology employee has their 'site' listed as NSW Health Pathology.

STEP THREE: Research Governance Site Specific Assessment (SSA)

  • Complete the SSA for your site.
  • Notify the NSW Health Pathology co-investigator they have an SSA to complete (please note, they should have received an automatic email notification from REGIS).
  • The NSW Health Pathology (NSWHP) investigator will need to send the NSWHP SSA for pre-approval to their local laboratory manager(s) and clinical director(s). An electronic acknowledgement of approval will need to accompany their SSA application. NSWHP staff can find more information here (note, this link is to an internal NSWHP site for employees only).

Quality Improvement Projects

Quality improvement (QI) is a non-research activity.  In most cases, QI projects do not require research ethics or research governance review. A quality improvement project consists of a systematic approach for reducing waste or improving efficiency, reliability, and performance of a service or product.

Please consult the NSW Health Guideline GL2007_020 for further guidance. If in doubt, speak to your local HREC for further guidance and information.

If your QI project involves data retrieval or you have any questions about NSW Health Pathology's research governance process, please contact:

Andrew Harre
NSW Health Pathology Research Governance Officer
Phone: (02) 9464 4766

Potential collaboration opportunities

If you would like to discuss a potential research collaboration with NSW Health Pathology, please speak with our Research and Innovation Office. 

Phone: (02) 4920 4033

Research policies

An overview of the research-related policies, guidelines and other supporting documents for NSW Health and NSW Health Pathology can be found here.