Did you know NSW Health Pathology can be the administering institution for your grants?

NHMRC and now NSW Health has given us the green light, streamlining the grant management process.

If you are applying for a research grant please contact the Research Office who will organise grant review and CE sign off.

Find information about individual grants on NHMRC website or GrantConnect.

Funding Scheme

Key Dates
All dates fall in 2020 unless otherwise stated


Minimum Data


Peer review

MRFF – 2020 COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Research EOI

Round 2

Round 3


11 NOV 20

10 MAR 21


Clinical Trials and Cohort Studies

4 MAR 20

04 NOV 20

25 NOV 20


2020 Partnership Projects PRC2

30 JUL 20

18 NOV 20

02 Dec 20

DEC 20

NIHR Collaborative Research Grant Scheme 2019 priorities for funding 2020 Round 3



20 NOV 20


MRFF: Million Minds Mission – 2020 Mental Health Research Grant Opportunity



11 NOV 2020


MRFF: PHCR Initiative – 2020. Primary Health Care Research Grant Opportunity



11 NOV 2020


MRFF: Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research – 2020 Medicinal Cannabis Clinical Trials Grant Opportunity



11 NOV 2020


MRFF: Clinical Trials Activity Initiative – 2020 Rare Cancers, Rare Diseases and Unmet Need General Grant Opportunity



11 NOV 2020


Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative



11 DEC 2020


MRFF – EPCDR Initiative – 2020 Childhood Cancer Research Grant Opportunity



03 FEB 2021



Other funding opportunities

Funding agency



Harry J Lloyd Charitable Trust

Melanoma Research Grants

01 NOV 2020

NSW Health

New Gene and Cell Therapy PhD Scholarships


If you would like further details please email


Application guidelines will be released soon.


Foundation for High Blood Pressure Research

Early Career Research Transition Grant 2021 – 2022

13 NOV 2020

World Cancer Research Fund International

Regular Grant Programme

16 NOV 2020

Australian Research Council

Australian Laureate Fellowships

04 NOV 2020

Tour de Cure Grants

Prevention Project Grants


11 DEC 2020

Ian Potter Foundation

Healthy – Public Health Research Grants

06 NOV 2020

NSW Government

Innovation Districts Challenges

Challenge themes align with the NSW Government‘Respond, Recover and Reform’ approach to COVID-19.

11 NOV 2020

National Drug Discovery Centre

Accepting proposals for highly subsidised, high throughput screening. Successful applicants will receive a 90% subsidy on project costs. More information can be found here.

21 JAN 2021

Screens related to COVID-19 research can be submitted on a rolling basis

Department of Industry Science Energy and Resources

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship – Round 3


17 NOV 2020


International Society of Amyloidosis (ISA) and Pfizer

Fellowships in Cardiac Transthyretin Amyloid (ATTR)

17 DEC 2020