Why Partner With Us

What we offer 

Partnering with NSW Health Pathology means you’re helping create better health and justice systems.

Collaborating with like-minded partners is critical to our ongoing success.  When you partner with NSW Health Pathology, you’ll be working with some of the most well-regarded pathologists, scientists and forensic specialists in the country. 

Our staff have a long history of collaborating with customers, researchers, academic institutions, vendors and other partners to deliver innovative approaches and better outcomes.  We also have stellar corporate support teams with expertise in procurement, information technology, planning, corporate and clinical governance, and more.
We're at the forefront of emerging fields such as genomicsbiobanking and bioinformatics which will shape the future of healthcare. Our forensic specialists are world leaders in providing the analysis and intelligence needed to help solve crimes and keep our communities safe.

Explore other parts of our site to see how we’re working to create better health and justice systems and our strategic directions.

What we look for 

We want to work with partners who share our values. We’re also interested in partners who can help us find smarter, better ways of doing things while still ensuring we meet our service obligations. 

We’re not afraid to look at our services with fresh eyes and re-think the way they’re structured and delivered.  

We want to grow our capabilities and tap into the expertise of organisations that share our passion for strong health and justice systems. 

Where we're headed  

In the coming years, we aim to:

  • enhance access to essential pathology services by expanding point of care testing, improving collection services and investing in new approaches that deliver quality results at exceptional value
  • further advance our reputation as a world-leader in the delivery of forensic science services
  • drive innovation and collaboration in areas such as genomics, biobanking, bioinformatics, digital pathology and specialised forensic analysis
  • cement our expertise in delivering research that leads to better outcomes
  • increase connectivity across our services and with our customers to support better decisions, outcomes and future planning 
  • ensure our services are agile, flexible and responsive to customer needs.

If you think you can add value in these areas, contact us.