Illicit Drugs Analysis

We are part of the criminalistics unit and offer comprehensive testing, reporting and expert testimony on all aspects of illicit drug analysis.

Our analytical services are provided to government bodies including the NSW Police Force, the NSW justice system, NSW Health and the Australian Defence Force.

We offer expert analysis and reporting on the detection of:

  • illicit drugs, including the more traditional drugs such as cannabis, amphetamines, heroin, LSD and cocaine. 
  • amphetamine-type illicit drugs.
  • substances used in the synthesis of illicit drugs. 
  • the presence of other forensically relevant chemicals.
  • new psychoactive substances.
  • the presence of organic and inorganic materials that may be used in clandestine laboratory operations.

Our team identifies and quantifies steroids in various preparations using the latest QTRAP® technology and provides expert evidence in all areas of illicit drug manufacture, analytical processes and interpretation of results.

We  have also developed a sophisticated, streamlined process to increase throughput by combining screening, confirmation and purity analysis in a single test.

Our highly trained specialists take a primary role in the examination of clandestine laboratory crime scenes and provide scientific advice during the assessment and processing phase. We also offer specialist services in botanical examination and identification of forensically relevant plant material including cannabis, cannabis seed and other trace botanical material.

We have built strong connections with jurisdictions across Australia and expert staff who are current on trends within the NSW illicit drug environment.

We are able to provide intelligence on trends from traditional drugs, the emergence of more sophisticated drugs, and the size and scale of seizures and clandestine operations.

If you would like any more information please contact Vivien Bielby p. 9646 0222