Forensic Medicine

We are responsible for conducting post-mortem examinations on behalf of the NSW Coroner as part of investigations into reportable deaths under the NSW Coroners Act (2009). This includes unexplained and unexpected deaths, and deaths of a suspicious nature.

Forensic Medicine employs a multi-disciplinary team of experts across three sites in NSW – Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. This team includes forensic pathologists, radiologists, radiographers, forensic odontologists, anthropologists, forensic post-mortem technicians, social workers and specialist administrative staff.

We utilise a full spectrum of forensic pathology ancillary testing, such as post-mortem toxicology, histology, clinical chemistry, microbiology, and industry-leading technology in our post-mortem radiology services (CT scanning and X-rays), to assist in our examinations.

This allows us to: 

  • provide information to the judicial system to assist in criminal investigations.
  • provide expert testimony on all aspects of forensic medicine.
  • attend crime scenes to provide in-field expertise.
  • support disaster victim identification.
  • provide pivotal input and assistance to help identify unclaimed and unidentified bodies.
  • offer anthropological examination of skeletal remains.

We also provide teaching and training for medical students as well as health, emergency and law enforcement professionals.

Contact us 

Sydney and Wollongong: Sharn Dowsett-Moeahu p. 8584 7800

Newcastle: Rebecca Gigli p. 4935 9700