Forensic Chemistry

Our unit provides highly specialised analytical testing of biological samples and non-biological exhibits for the presence of therapeutic and illicit drugs.

Forensic toxicology uses the most up-to-date analytical techniques including UPLC-MS/MS. Screening and quantitation of ante-mortem and post-mortem biological samples for more than 180 analytes including:

  • drugs of abuse
  • synthetic drugs
  • therapeutic substances
  • heavy metals
  • some pesticides
  • volatiles
  • rodenticides

It also carries out analysis and testing of non-biological exhibits for police matters, including attempted poisoning and illegal baiting.

We provide a 72-hour full analysis service to the NSW Coroner, and an average turnaround time of 14 to 16 days.

Contact Vanessa Shaw p. 9464 0429 for more information. 

Drugs and driving toxicology provides screening and quantitation of a broad range of licit and illicit drugs in biological samples.  

This includes analysis of blood, urine and oral fluid samples from people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents or are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  We also carry out analysis of samples from people involved in a range of offences (including homicide, assault or drink spiking) where the presence of alcohol or other drugs may be relevant to the police investigation.

Contact Glyn Hansen p. 9646 0317 for more information. 

Drug toxicology provides efficient analytical processes for biological samples collected under AS/NZS 4308.  We also perform drug testing for employment-related issues, court-directed purposes.

Our team has high throughput capacity of more than 110,000 samples per year 

Contact Dr Santiago Vazquez p. 9887 5666 for more information.