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A $12 million biobanking facility will house Australia’s first large-scale automated storage facility for biological samples used in medical research.

The NSW Health Statewide Biobank will be a world-class research asset and help health and medical researchers find the causes of illnesses and improve treatment for diseases that will improve the lives of potentially thousands of patients.

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Crime-solving work recognised 

It doesn't take much for Sharon Neville and her team to catch a killer. The brush of an assassin’s arm against a wall, the touch of a serial killer’s hand on his victim’s neck, a trace of blood so small it is invisible to the naked eye.

Sharon and her team can analyse samples from each of these scenarios to help police solve crimes.

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We’re changing our organisational structure to improve our services, create stronger relationships with our customers and put us in a better position to reach our goals.

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Our priorities 

While we're changing our internal structure, there's a lot about NSW Health Pathology that won't change.

Watch our latest video which highlights our priorities and how we're working to create better health and justice systems.

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Associate Professor Vitali Sintchenko, Clinical Microbiologist from our Westmead lab (pictured left), and his Westmead Hospital research partner Professor Jon Iredell have been awarded a $550,000 research grant. 

They'll use whole genome sequencing to find new ways to protect people from tuberculosis and food borne diseases such as salmonella and listeria. 

The grant was part of $10.2 million in translational research grants announced by Health Minister Jillian Skinner and Minister for Medical Research Pru Goward to ensure innovative ideas advance from the laboratory to the frontline of patient care.

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Send us your video and share why you care about pathology and the amazing people who work in it. 

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