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Watch protecting community health and safety

From fighting the flu, to finding the source of recent Legionnaires' outbreaks, to studying the resurgence of bedbugs, it’s never a dull day for our public pathology experts. 

These talented men and women drive research and innovations that help predict and prevent infectious conditions, control the spread of disease and keep our communities safe. 

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Superbug hunters: the front line against antibiotic resistance

Pathology staff used whole genome sequencing - the gold standard of testing - when they were asked to isolate the source of an infectious disease in the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital neonatal intensive care unit.

The use of the technology is changing the impact of infection control forever.

This case also demonstrated how the close collaboration between the hospital and NSW Health Pathology is improving care for patients. 

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Genome.One - the test that could change your life

NSW Health Pathology is proud to partner with the Garvan Institute on the new Genome.One service.

It has the potential to help hundreds of thousands of Australians who currently live with a genetic disorder, many of which are rare and challenging to diagnose.

Patients will be referred to a clinical genetic service which will work with NSW Health Pathology to assess whether whole genome sequencing can provide an answer. 

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Our committed staff and their work are integral to criminal investigations. They've already helped solve several 'cold cases' including the high profile case of Karlie Pearce-Stevenson and her daughter Khandalyce Pearce, solving an almost eight-year mystery. 

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Dr Jodie Ward from our Forensic & Analytical Science Service has recently returned from an international learning adventure that will strengthen her ability to identify compromised human remains. While it may seem like gruesome work to some, Jodie’s unique expertise is essential in our efforts to help solve crimes and provide answers to families of the deceased.

As a recipient of a prestigious Winston Churchill Trust Fellowship, Jodie visited some of the world’s best forensic services, including:

  • The International Commission on Missing Persons Laboratory, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina  
  • The Netherlands Forensic Institute and Leiden University in the Netherlands
  • The FBI DNA laboratory, the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory, San Houston State University and the University of North Texas in the USA
  • The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team Forensic DNA Laboratory 
  • She’ll also attend the 2016 International Academy of Legal Medicine Conference in Venice. 

    Dr Ward will present insights she’s gained at the Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Symposium in September, of which FASS is a major sponsor.