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Pathology:  What it's worth to our health system

Pathology improves the quality of life. Did you know it also helps improve the productivity of the economy and minimises health costs?

A new report released by the Centre for International Economics puts a dollar figure on the impact pathology has on health outcomes.  

It also examines the economics of pathology and suggests future focus areas for the sector.

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Using our value-adds to create better health & justice systems

Our services touch people at every stage of life.

Even before we’re born, antenatal screening provides insights into our development and well-being. We continue to play a vital role throughout childhood, adulthood and old age. 

We have a clear purpose: to create better health and justice systems.

That means being partners in patient care, providing the expertise to support the most serious medical conditions, using world-leading forensic analysis to help solve crimes and protecting the health and safety of our communities

As the largest public pathology provider in Australia, we offer an extensive depth and breadth of services and are proud of our ability to build the knowledge and capacity of our staff and partners. We're also committed to delivering smarter services for better outcomes

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Changes to therapeutic drug reporting 

NSW Health Pathology is changing reporting units and ranges for 46 therapeutic drug tests.

The aim is to standardise reporting across all four of our pathology networks and help reduce the risk of clinical errors.  

The changes will see reporting units change:

- from Molar Units (e.g. μmol/L) 

- to Mass Units (e.g. mg/L or μg/L)

Ranges and alert thresholds for clinical risk will also change.

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Networks combine to tackle legionella

Staff from our FASS and Pathology West networks have joined forces in the investigation into the Legionnaires' outbreaks in Sydney's CBD. 

The latest outbreak has seen three people hospitalised after spending time in the Sydney CBD late last month. 

This follows an outbreak in March which saw one of the nine people affected die. There is no evidence to link the most recent cases to the March outbreak, although investigations are continuing. 

Water samples from air conditioning cooling towers that supply buildings in the area were tested by our Forensic & Analytical Science Service's Legionella Reference Laboratory (see picture)

These were then passed to our Pathology West Public Health Genomics team which used whole genome sequencing to detect whether separate strains were related to each other.  

Investigations are being led by the Communicable Disease Branch of Health Protection NSW and continue. 

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Biobanking centre stage in Berlin 

NSW Health Pathology's biobanking project manager Jane Carpenter attended the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories' Annual General Meeting in Berlin last month.

Jane took the opportunity to outline our progress in developing a statewide biobanking framework.

The aim is to ensure NSW has a world-class, sustainable approach to managing human biobanks. We also want to see greater integration between research, diagnostics and clinical care.  

Initial priorities include streamlining tissue collection processes, refining laboratory workflows, standardising documentation and establishing a quality certification program for biobanks (see next story).

Certification program underway

NSW Health Pathology will hold two information sessions for the biobanking community about its upcoming certification scheme.

Representatives from the Canadian certification program will be on hand to describe their scheme and answer questions about their own experiences.

NSW Health Pathology experts will then outline its proposed system and how biobanks will be able to register for the program.

Places for the June sessions are limited, so please reserve your spot today. 

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Helping industry better understand our business

NSW Health Pathology recently held an industry forum to brief more than 180 delegates on the core elements of our business and our future directions.

Some of our biggest suppliers attended including Roche, Abbott and Siemens.

Standardising work in procurement and logistics were a big focus along with HealthShare's product catalogue which is streamlining ordering across the State. 

Vanessa Janissen, Director Corporate Strategy Systems and Support (pictured left), said the forum helped our industry partners better understand our needs. It helps us improve collaboration and processes so the organisation maintains its strong competitive edge.