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Wherever there is a crime, there is a trail of evidence leading to a perpetrator that our experts can use to help solve crimes.  And even if the evidence is microscopic, the chances of a conviction are greater than ever, writes Sue Smethurst in the April edition.  

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Vital testing by our infectious disease experts at Westmead confirmed the presence of Kunjin virus (also know as West Nile) in the Goulburn Valley area of northern Victoria. The result prompted a warning from Victorian authorities potentially protecting the health and safety of thousands in our community.  

Our flocks of sentinel chickens stand guard against mosquito-borne viruses along the Murray and Darling River systems on the NSW / Victoria border. 

They’re regularly tested for viruses to act as an early warning system to help prevent the spread of infection to the human population. Unlike humans, chickens don’t get sick and their eggs aren’t impacted. 

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Creating better health and justice systems is something we're passionate about. 

Since NSW Health Pathology was created, we have built a reputation as an organisation that gets things done.

Our new board chair and members have been announced and they’re keen to learn more about the value we bring.

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New policy library

NSW Health Pathology is committed to ensuring clinicians, patients and other stakeholders are able to access the policies and procedures they need quickly and easily.

We've created a portal to all policies, procedures, guidelines and supporting documents that guide us.

There are a number of ways to search, including by name, number and subject, and each column can be sorted alphabetically by clicking on the heading. 

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Working hard to create better health and justice systems is our priority, and we want to ensure our stakeholders know exactly what we're doing to achieve our goals.

Connecting with our customers and staff through the media, online and in social media is a key element in this journey.  

Now we've made a short video to capture our progress in the last six months.  

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In the last edition of Scope we linked to an old version of our printed newsletter Compass

That news is so last year.  

We've updated the link below to make sure you can find out the latest (including an update on the NSW Health Statewide Biobank). 

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