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It’s the longest criminal trial involving a single accused person in the State’s history and the largest case ever handled by our Forensic & Analytical Science Service.

The Lin family murder case, which saw a conviction in January 2017, involved analysis and interpretation of 673 exhibits, preparation of 15 Court Reports, case files that filled two large suitcases, and expert statements and testimony from our forensic science team across a committal hearing and three court trials.

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NSW Health Pathology welcomes new medical detectives

Twenty new anatomical pathology trainees have begun training at Australian Clinical Labs, Gosford, Liverpool, Nepean, Newcastle, Orange, Prince of Wales, Royal Prince Alfred, Wollongong, Tamworth and Westmead Hospitals.

Anatomical pathologists are central to the detection and treatment of disease. These highly specialised doctors test and analyse organs, tissues and cells to diagnose diseases such as cancer. In some cases, they even provide a preliminary diagnosis during surgery to improve the patient’s chance of survival or quality of life.

Our anatomical pathologists are part of a patient's treatment team. Their timely interpretation and advice are critical to quality care. 

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New collection centres open for business

Four new pathology collection centres have opened for business in recent months.

Residents in Lismore, Yamba, West Gosford and Belmont are now able to have blood tests and pathology checks at these NSW Health Pathology centres.

We're committed to fast, accurate pathology testing from our collection services. These new sites also give consumers added choice and convenience.

We accept all pathology collections form and we still bulk bill. 

Addresses, contact numbers and opening hours for all of our sites are available via our handy location finder.

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We have more than 50 Information Communications Technology projects underway to boost collaboration, enhance connectivity and deliver faster, better outcomes for patients and our customers.

In this edition of Scope, we provide a snapshot of some of the projects underway. 

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Our work to maximise the use of life-saving blood donations is hitting goals, with our regional laboratories achieving marked reductions in packed red cells that expire before use.

The latest data shows many of our smaller non-metropolitan blood banks are now seeing expiry rates as low as 10 per cent, compared to 80 per cent at some sites two to three years ago. With each unit of red cells worth about $370, the work is delivering savings for the NSW Health system.

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New edition of Compass out now

Download your copy for the latest news about biobanking, our new structure and more. 

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