COVID-19 serological study

Australia’s first population-level COVID-19 serological study is now complete. The study was co-led by the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), the Kirby Institute at UNSW and NSW Health Pathology.

For this study, NSW Health Pathology’s team at Westmead undertook serological testing on several thousand residual pathology samples that had been collected recently for non-COVID-19 tests, such as cholesterol checks or liver function tests. The data produced from the study provides a better understanding of the extent of the virus in the community and will help guide the evolving public health response to the outbreak. The samples used were tested anonymously and subsequent data produced is unidentified, with only age, gender and postcode recorded.

The video and photos below demonstrate the serological testing process conducted at NSW Health Pathology's Westmead laboratory. These materials can be downloaded for media purposes - please attribute to NSW Health Pathology.

Download the video

Read the full media release (PDF 161KB)

Read more about our development of serological testing for COVID-19.


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