Forensic Medicine Social Work Model of Care

For every death reported to the Coroner in NSW, there is a suddenly bereaved individual or family who may become directly involved in the coronial pathway.

Individuals and families involved in the coronial pathway during a period of grief and loss, may suffer repeated trauma and are at high-risk of poor health, psychological, social and economic outcomes.

Forensic Medicine Social Workers provide crucial care coordination and case management activities to support bereaved families accessing the coronial pathway. They provide timely access to information, support families to be able to express their grief in a safe environment and contribute to the restoration of health and wellbeing following the death event.

NSW Health Pathology greatly values the crucial service provided by this highly dedicated team and is committed to ensuring continued effective and sustainable Forensic Medicine Social Work services for the NSW community into the future.

In 2018/19 utilising the Agency for Clinical Innovation Healthcare Redesign methodology, a project team was mobilised to identify key service issues, improvement opportunities and to document the service model.

The Forensic Medicine Social Work Model of Care report represents that cumulative redesign work and outlines the current service model, the redesign findings, sets the priorities of the service and summarises on-going improvement opportunities.

To download a copy of the report please click here. (PDF 1.7MB)