Case Management and Expert Testimony Provision

The Case Management team uses a reporting system integrated with the NSW Police exhibit management system to facilitate electronic exchange of data between the agencies. Sophisticated expert software is used for complex DNA interpretation and reporting by experienced biologists.


We specialise in:


·       Autosomal, Y-STR and mitochondrial DNA interpretation


·       Forensic Phenotyping for external visible characteristics and biogeographical ancestry


·       Use of expert systems for interpreting complex DNA mixtures from multiple individuals


·       Expert testimony provision to courts at Local, District and Supreme Courts covering all areas of forensic biology, DNA analytical processes and DNA interpretation 


·       Lectures to universities, NSW Police Force, and legal practitioners


·       Database management as the custodians of the NSW DNA searching database


·       Ability to search DNA results on the NSW DNA database and the National Criminal Investigation DNA Database to report DNA link information to NSW Police


·       Intelligence-based familial searching capability both within NSW and nationally


·       Paternity testing in accordance with the Family Law Act 1975