Forensic Biology and DNA Analysis

DNA LaboratoryNSW Health Pathology’s NATA accredited Forensic & Analytical Science Service provides independent analysis to NSW Police and the NSW Coroner to assist with their investigations. 

The Forensic Biology Evidence Recovery, DNA and Case Management teams play an essential role in the analysis and interpretation of evidence recovered from crime scenes. 

This evidence comes from high volume crime such as break and enters and stolen motor vehicles through to armed robberies, drug offences, sexual assaults and homicides as well as the investigation of missing persons cases. In cases that require the examination of unidentified human remains, our DNA specialists work closely with forensic pathologists, anthropologists and dental specialists.

We are firmly committed to our partnership with NSW Police which is ensuring families and loved ones receive the respect and answers they deserve.

 Forensic Biology/DNA Laboratory

The Forensic Biology/DNA laboratory is capable of processing, analysing, and interpreting a very high volume of DNA samples and has one of the largest capacities in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Using a fully automated robotic system, our team currently manages more than 70,000 DNA crime samples annually, in addition to processing person reference samples and unidentified human remains samples. 

We offer very fast turnaround times to support police in the early phase of an investigation and have the capacity to report links on the DNA database in under 12 hours from the receipt of the crime sample. Approximately 20,000 links are reported annually matching DNA to individuals or linking different crime events which can potentially provide valuable information to the police investigator. 

Additionally, our DNA analysis may be used by NSW Police to exclude individuals as the source of DNA found at a crime scene. 

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