Forensic and Analytical Science Service


We use forensic services to provide independent, objective analysis to the NSW health and justice systems to help solve crimes. 

Our criminalistics experts operate in three teams:

chemical criminalistics

forensic biology and DNA

illicit drugs analysis

Our forensic chemistry experts also operate in three teams:

forensic chemistry

drugs and driving toxicology

drugs toxicology

Our forensic medicine team provides vital assistance to the NSW Coroner to help  determine cause of death for unexpected and unexplained deaths. 

Our public health team provides environmental health testing in:

water microbiology

Legionella reference levels

clinical and environmental toxicology

trace inorganics 

We are dedicated to research and education using applied research and evaluation to continually improve services and foster a culture of innovation.  This helps support our reputation for bringing the latest technologies into practice to ensure we deliver fast, reliable results to our customers.

FASS clients include NSW Police, the Office of the State Coroner and local Coroners, public health units in NSW,  NSW Roads and Maritime Service, local government bodies and other organisations, as well as reporting across a range of fields, specialised consultancy and advice as well as education, training, research and development 

For more information contact our FASS head office
p. 02 9646 0222