Our Services

Our pathology services touch people at every stage of life.

We provide antenatal screening for expectant parents and diagnose medical conditions throughout childhood, adulthood and old age.

Our expertise helps improve the management and treatment of illness, and our forensic medicine teams provide the care families need after the unexpected death of a loved one.

Our forensic science teams support the NSW justice system by providing timely, state-of-the-art analysis police and other investigators rely on. They also provide environmental health testing to our public health units and deliver services to NSW Roads and Maritime, local government bodies and other organisations.

We operate with a clear purpose:  to create better health and justice systems.

That means being partners in patient care, providing expertise to support the most serious medical conditions, using world-leading forensic analysis to help solve crimes, and protecting the health and safety of our communities.
We’re proud of our extensive breadth and depth of services and our ability to build knowledge and capacity in our staff and partners. We’re also determined to deliver smarter services for better outcomes.