Forough Bahadory


Forough (Flair) Bahadory is a senior scientist at NSW Health Pathology’s Drug Toxicology Unit, which provides rapid analysis to support drug, alcohol and opioid treatment programs. Flair is in charge of setting up new mass spectrometry instruments, programming automated platforms to reduce manual handling and training staff.

Flair grew up in Iran and says “when I was a child, I was constantly looking for a better and more efficient way to do things. For example, how to make plants grow taller with more flowers; how to make cars with wings that can fly so we won’t need to be stuck in traffic, how to make the sky rain when we want and how to stop it when we don’t. The answer that I used to get from my parents was - how about you become a scientist and work it out for yourself.”

Flair completed her degree in laboratory science in the Iranian city of Shiraz and after migrating to Australia she completed a Masters degree in biotechnology at Flinders University and then a PhD in molecular/clinical pharmacology at the University of NSW.
“I am very proud to be a scientist because I believe scientists are able to make a difference in people’s lives. The technology in laboratories is evolving rapidly particularly in regard to instrumentations and laboratory information systems. The accuracy and sensitivity of assays, the turn-around time, and the efficiency of automated platforms these days are light years away from what we had in the past. Being part of this evolution is what I love about my career.”