2021 NSW Premier's Awards

Banner - 180x150_finalistThe Premiers Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements from across the NSW public sector by teams and individuals. 

It’s no secret the pandemic thrust NSW Health Pathology into the spotlight, and the record number of NSWHP finalists this year is testament to our incredible people who rise to every challenge.

It’s well-deserved recognition of just how much we have achieved, together.

Watch the live stream on 3 November

Winners will be announced at a virtual awards ceremony on Wednesday, 3 November 2021, from 4.00pm-5.10pm. It will be live streamed on the NSW Premier's Awards website: https://premiersawards.nsw.gov.au/awards-ceremony 

Congratulations to all our finalists

- Excellence in Digital Innovation: Connecting patients and clinicians with results in real time to save lives
- Recovery and Resilience: Keeping NSW COVID safe during testing times throughout 2020/21
- Anthea Kerr Award: Tyler Haigh
- Public Servant of the Year: Professor Dominic Dwyer

But that’s not all! We’re also named as a partner in a Sydney LHD project.

- Excellence in Digital Innovation: Turning the other cheek on COVID-19 quarantine testing

Browse the full list of finalists on the NSW Premier's Awards website, or read about our finalists below.

211021 Premiers Awards finalist_Connecting real time resultsV2
Excellence in Digital Innovation
Connecting patients and clinicians with results in real time to save lives

A unique collaboration has delivered an innovative, integrated diagnostic pipeline, resulting in a world-first in open diagnostic equipment connectivity. Point of care diagnostic technology across NSW Health’s public hospital system is connecting patients and clinicians with results in real time, enabling results that took hours to only take minutes. Clinical teams can quickly determine the risk of transferring acutely ill patients to larger hospitals, and pathology results and vital signs data can be sent directly to clinical staff via electronic medical records or myHealthRecord in near real-time to save more lives.

eHealth, Siemens, Microsoft, NewieVentures and Dius

Keeping people safe in testing times Premier
Recovery and Resilience
Keeping NSW COVID safe during testing time
s throughout 2020/21

NSW Health Pathology’s 15 dedicated COVID labs have performed millions of COVID-19 tests. Highly respected experts have carried out robust scientific evaluations of emerging technologies to support a fast, comprehensive state-wide response. Key scientific innovations and the creation of an automated SMS solution to deliver faster results direct to patients for the first time have been game changing. Trusted globally, NSWHP’s Professor Dominic Dwyer was one of 17 experts invited by the World Health Organisation to visit Wuhan to trace the origins of the virus. Importantly, NSWHP’s 5,000+ workforce works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our community safe.

Tyler Haigh Premiers Award finalist
Anthea Kerr Award
Tyler Haigh

Tyler is an ICT ‘dynamo’, creating NSW’s first online state-wide pathology test catalogue to provide fast, reliable access for clinicians. He was instrumental in developing our Australian-first COVID-19 SMS results solution and his efforts have allowed NSW Health Pathology to share innovative and life-changing ICT solutions in the most challenging times, without compromising safety or quality. Many of Tyler’s solutions have been adopted by Local Health District and Ministry of Health colleagues, helping them adapt and manage their own responses to the pandemic. He has been praised by every third-party partner, including industry giants Microsoft and Deloitte. A humble hero, his work has helped millions of people who will never know.

Professor Dominic Dwyer Premiers Award finalist
Public Servant of the Year
Professor Dominic Dwyer
Professor Dominic Dwyer’s clinical and scientific expertise and unwavering dedication has placed him at the heart of the State’s efforts to protect our community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He is NSW Health Pathology’s Director of Public Health Pathology and medical virologist and infectious diseases physician at NSW Health Pathology's Institute of Clinical Pathology and Medical Research (ICPMR) at Westmead Hospital, as well as a globally renowned researcher and media thought leader. Prof Dwyer’s ground-breaking research and work has enhanced the laboratory investigative capacity in NSW for infectious disease outbreaks and he recently led an expert team developing scientific breakthroughs in the health response to the pandemic. Working around the clock, he has helped establish and deliver a COVID-19 testing rate among the highest in the world per capita.

We are also named as a partner in Sydney LHD’s finalist entry for COVID-19 quarantine testing. 

Excellence in Digital Innovation
Turning the other cheek on COVID-19 quarantine testing
Sydney Local Health District, HEALTH

Within days after the NSW Premier asked all 3,500+ Sydney airport, quarantine and border workers to have a COVID-19 test at the start of every shift, a collaboration led by Sydney Local Health District and NSW Health Pathology created a COVID-19 saliva self-testing solution — making it easier to get test samples at scale and faster to get results. A mobile app was developed and approximately 50 kiosks were installed at all quarantine facilities and at Sydney Airport. This solution has enabled ongoing surveillance of quarantine and border workers and early detection of COVID transmission.

Sydney Local Health District, NSW Health Pathology, State Health Emergency Operations Centre, eHealth NSW, Ms Nicole Nixon & Mr Yazz Krishna Alphalitica Pty Ltd (trading as Five Faces), St Johns Ambulance.