Kiran Thapa - Hospital Scientist

Kiran Thapa is the Senior Hospital Scientist In-Charge of Molecular Microbiology at NSW Health Pathology’s laboratory in Liverpool.
Kiran is a shining example of a scientist who is making a difference in NSW Health Pathology. She was key to validating and establishing COVID-19 testing at the Liverpool laboratory as part of the health response to the pandemic. As a Senior Hospital Scientist, Kiran undertakes risk assessments, assists in operations management for the lab and provides advice on systems and methods to deliver the service.
She leads the Molecular Microbiology team at Liverpool Hospital, providing leadership and supervision, all the while ensuring delivery of efficient and effective high quality accredited pathology services. She emphasizes; 'the team is truly dedicated and passionate and I am very pleased to be a part of it."

Some days, the Liverpool laboratory was testing up to 2,500 to 3,000 patient samples per day. When asked how the team managed this surge in activity, while ensuring the delivery of accurate and timely COVID-19 test results, Kiran explained; "among other things, dedication, hard work and commitment, planning, quality checks and building capacity/strategies rapidly."

“This was no doubt a challenging task, with our laboratory analysing the lion’s share of COVID-19 samples to come from the testing blitz that followed the recent outbreak in South West Sydney,” Kiran said. "Above all it was the strength of the dedicated and innovative NSW Health Pathology Liverpool workforce at all levels; technical and scientific, specimen reception, clinical, management and administration, IT and the general service team’. 

Leading by example, Kiran’s day to day activities also involve hands-on work such as routine testing, analysis of results and reporting.
“I strive to maintain a high standard and sustainable service, and this is done by the entire team who strive to deliver accurate reliable service in a meaningful timeframe to assist clinicians in patient management and public health interventions.” 
Kiran believes that her biggest achievement in the last year was a good professional and personal life balance. “I managed that by giving my full dedication to my roles and welcoming the new challenges with courage and positivity,” Kiran said.
“I have been a proud NSW Health Pathology employee for over 15 years,” Kiran said. “I am passionate about NSW Health Pathology, the service we provide, and research as a whole.” 

“I am passionate about providing innovative service to the community to make a difference to lives; learning, teaching, providing leadership and inspiring and getting inspired along the way makes it interesting and fun.”

“Most importantly, I am very proud to work with a dedicated and supportive team, of which I am very proud. It has been my absolute privilege to work with great leaders across NSW Health Pathology network and beyond.”