Dr Alberto Catalano - Laboratory Manager

This is a photo of Dr Alberto Catalano 

National Science Week is about celebrating science and technology, as well as recognising scientific experts who have made significant achievements in their field.

Colleagues in the Institute of Haematology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (RPAH) have recognised the outstanding performance and achievement of Dr Alberto Catalano in his role as Laboratory Manager.
Dr Catalano is a highly qualified Principal Hospital Scientist with a PhD in the molecular genetics of acute leukaemia, and was formerly Laboratory Manager of the RPAH Molecular Haematology Laboratory. 

Beyond his technical capabilities, Dr Catalano demonstrates a passionate commitment to the enhancement of the haematopathology services that are provided to patients with benign and malignant haematological disorders, as well as the provision of haematological testing for the broader community of RPAH inpatients and outpatients. 

In his role, Dr Catalano acts as the interface between the clinical and laboratory components of the haematology service, and has overseen the introduction of service enhancing new technology, including next generation sequencing and advanced blood count analysers. 
His colleagues openly admire him as a valued mentor to staff and students, with a remarkably compassionate approach to the practice of haematological pathology. On a recent trip to Saint Francis Hospital, located in a remote part of Eastern Zambia, he devoted his entire annual leave to help establish a quality system and quality manual for the hospital’s under-resourced fledgling laboratory.
Closer to home, Dr Catalano was instrumental in making adaptations to Haematology to ensure the provision of service, owing to the effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on the routine investigation and management of patients. 

Clearly, Dr Catalano is held in high regard by a supportive team of laboratory scientists and haematologists within the Institute. There is no doubt that his contributions and innovative approach to Haematopathology will continue to help guide the department in times to come.

We commend Dr Alberto Catalano for his commitment to NSW Health Pathology’s purpose of creating better health systems through caring, connecting and pioneering for all.