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Many hands make light work

If you’re yearning for some good news, watch this feel good story from Channel Nine News about our partnership with the disability community. Supported workers at St Vincent De Paul across NSW have rolled up their sleeves to pack over 1.2 million COVID-19 swab kits for us. 

Their mammoth efforts on the production line, is protecting the frontline.

You’ll also see a quick cameo appearance from our COVID-19 Operations Lead, Michael Crowther, who jumps into one of the new hybrid fleet cars featuring our Aboriginal artwork.

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Meet our genetic detectives


NSW Health Pathology’s ICPMR-Westmead laboratory conducts whole genome sequencing for the COVID-19 virus to examine the origin of and relationships between cases.


Whole genome sequencing of the coronavirus is a powerful and highly sensitive tool that can be used to identify links between COVID-19 cases to inform public health action. It provides a ‘fingerprint’ of each virus sample, which can be compared with other positive samples to provide a deeper understanding of the spread of the disease. It can be used to match new cases to clusters, or find the origin of an outbreak.  

Channel 9’s Today Show visited our lab recently to gain an inside view, behind the scenes, of how we are using science and maths to solve the COVID-19 puzzle. Vision courtesy of Channel 9.

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