5 million invested in forensic laboratories

  • The DNA facility was designed by our scientists and is the first facility in Australasia to use end-to-end robotics for DNA extraction, analysis and interpretation of samples from NSW Police exhibits. One of the lab’s key features is its mitochondrial DNA testing, which is used to identify the deceased when traditional DNA testing is not possible. With more than 100 unidentified bones within FASS awaiting forensic testing, the mitochondrial technology means those bones no longer have to go interstate or overseas for analysis.
  • The new chemical criminalistics laboratory provides a full suite of technology for scientists to analyse a range of evidence, including arson, gunshot residue, explosives, and riot and chemical warfare agents. Having a dedicated laboratory means FASS scientists can perform the necessary tests under one roof and provide analysis to police at a faster rate.
  • The new DNA research laboratory is fast-tracking implementation of the latest technologies to support criminal investigations and ensure NSW Police are at the forefront of crime solving. The lab is currently investigating the use of rapid DNA technology using an instrument that has the capability to generate a DNA profile in just 90 minutes. (The current process can take up to 24 hours.)

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