Research and Innovation

High quality research drives innovation. It advances our understanding of the world around us, delivers change and improvements.  

Every day, our NSW Health Pathology colleagues take part in innovative research to improve public health and safety. 

We want to make the most of this expertise – to be forefront of new tests, new technologies and scientific discoveries. We also want to celebrate our research efforts, shape our future priorities and enhance collaboration with leading research partners.  

Research and innovation helps us create better health and justice systems. It's why we've established a dedicated strategy, governance framework and advisory committee. 

NSW Health Pathology's Research and Innovation Framework

This practical tool:

  • outlines our key objectives for supporting research and innovation
  • provides guidance on ethics, intellectual property, access to research grants and much more
  • highlights key activities being rolled out over the coming year to support the delivery of our strategic plan.

We are also sharing this framework with external research partners to improve our access to research grants and collaboration opportunities. 

To provide feedback or ask a question, contact Amanda Koegelengberg, Research and Innovation Project Manager p. 02 4920 4033

Research and Innovation Advisory Committee 

The commitee has been established to:
  • foster collaborations through cross-disciplinary discussions
  • identify new opportunities
  • assess any associated resource implications

With representation from across our clinical operations, streams and service platforms, the committe reports to our Strategic Leadership Team and meets quarterly for two hours or as circumstances require. 

Services for external research

If you would like to request NSW Health Pathology clinical, forensic or NSW Health Statewide Biobank services to support your research project, please contact the relevant NSW Health Pathology Research Coordinator.

Research Activity Report

We're pleased to present our very first Research Activity Report (PDF 5.2MB), which showcases the research activity entered in our Research Activity Register for 2017.

As you will see in this report, NSW Health Pathology researchers are making a valuable contribution to the national and international research communities. 

We know there's more research happening within our ranks than is captured in this report. 

We’ll soon be creating more reports to highlight our 2018 and 2019 research, so if you'd like your research activity included in our next report, please email to ensure it's included in our Research Activity Register.

All staff email - research activity report image

Showcasing your work

Whether you’re presenting your research at a conference, submitting a paper for publication in a journal, commencing or concluding your research project, we can provide guidance and help promote your work through internal and external communication channels. For some projects, we will also work with you to secure media coverage. But we need to know about it as early as possible.   

Contact our Research and Innovation Team or Amanda Koegelengberg, Research and Innovation Project Manager, on p. 02 4920 4033 for more details.