PeriLynx result transmission to eMr

Perilynx EMR
What is happening? 


There has been an issue identified with the PeriLynx driver in POCcelerator where if “Send Result” is selected on the device only the last result performed is received and accepted by POCcelerator.  
This means that if multiple tests are performed prior to pushing “Send Result” the prior tests will not be sent to the eMR and only the last result will be transmitted to the eMR.

Who will be affected? 

All PeriLynx devices connected to POCcelerator are affected with the above issue

What do affected users need to do? 

Operators are required to push the “Send Result” button after performing every test to ensure all results are transmitted to the eMR.

Want to find out more? 

For more information, please contact your local PoCT Point of Care Coordinator or the NSWHP PoCT ICT Team at