MedTeCCH Event

It was a pleasure to host the MedTeCCH industry forum, which we are a proud Executive member. The MedTeCCH industry network brings together Hunter Central Coast-based MedTech and Pharma companies, national industry associations, sector specialists and education and research organisations.  It was formed by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Hunter and Ai Group in June 2020 to strengthen the Hunter’s diverse cluster of medical technology companies through collaboration across the Hunter Central Coast region. The goals of MedTeCCH are:

  • Establish MedTeCCH as the Hunter Central Coast’s representative industry network organisation for MedTech and Pharma
  • Establish the Hunter Central Coast as a strong contributor to MedTech competitive capability in NSW and nationally
  • Facilitate growth of MedTech and Advanced Manufacturing through collaboration across industry, government, research and education
  • Improve MedTech access to global supply chains and boost participation in national and international markets
  • Raise awareness of the region’s MedTech capability to gain political, regulatory and institutional support and investment.

The event was attended by around 60 people and gave NSWHP an opportunity to showcase its simulation area at Maryville, the Centre for Connected Diagnostics and present the AVA process for NSWHP’s role in coordinating key manufacturing ideas designed to reduce the time from idea to technology adoption in NSW Health.

Special thanks to PoCT team members - Jane-Louise Thompson, Gareth Halbert, Mick Bourke, Christopher Kot, Misha Hashmi and Jennifer Franco, Julie Monnox for ensuring the location has been fitted out and set-up for the event.

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