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NSW Health Pathology's FIRST Good Design Award
13 Dec 2021
We reported a few months back that we were part of a team that included TAFE NSW and Werfen that won an Australian Good Design Award. We are proud of Julie Monnox's fantastic achievement as the NSWHP ...
2021 NSW Health Pathology Awards Winners
24 Nov 2021
Our finalists have been celebrated and our winners have been crowned. After much anticipation, we gathered online on Tuesday 23 November for our 2021 NSW Health Pathology Awards – caring, connecting a ...
PoCT included as a finalist for NSW Premier's Awards
4 Nov 2021
Collaboration between NSWHP’s Dev/Ops ICT team and PoCT team and partners (eHealth, Siemens, Microsoft, NewieVentures and Dius) resulting in a world-first in open diagnostic equipment connectivity.
Finalists for 2021 NSW Premier's Awards
29 Oct 2021
It's time to celebrate innovation and excellence from NSWHP & PoCT!
MedTeCCH Event
11 Jun 2021
The PoCT Centre for Connected Diagnostics (C4CD) hosted the recent MedTeCCH event, with positive feedback on the location and the role NSW Health Pathology is playing in advancing manufacturing in the ...
A Current Affair Promotes StreetSide Medics work
7 May 2021
Point of Care Testing's work with StreetSide Medics has featured on A Current Affair highlighting the wonderful service using PoCT as part of the tools for providing care to the homeless.
PoCT Research and Development Centre
29 Mar 2021
NSW Health Pathology establish Newcastle based research and development centre for Point of Care Testing, medical device and digital solutions.
Interpretation of Intraosseous Samples
15 Mar 2021
The Clinical Excellence Commission and NSW Health Pathology hosted a webinar in October 2020 on the Interpretation of Intraosseous samples and Point of Care Testing.
Announcing AVA
9 Mar 2021
NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing Service is announcing AVA, a process for research, development and manufacturing for PoCT based technology solutions.
Westmead Emergency Relocation
23 Feb 2021
The Pathology Point of Care Testing metro team have been working with Westmead Hospital Emergency Department to expand their services in the new Central Acute Services Building.
PeriLynx result transmission to eMr
9 Feb 2021
Advice from Point of Care Testing Information, Communications and Technology on PeriLynx result transmission to eMr.
StreetSide Medics Partnership
4 Feb 2021
The Point of Care Testing ICT team has been working to continue our partnership with StreetSide Medics.
JMO Training in Dubbo
31 Jan 2021
The PoCT team in Dubbo has completed training on blood gas and handheld devices with Junior Medical Officers.
JMO Orientation at JHH
30 Jan 2021
Our Point of Care Testing team has completed orientation and training with Junior Medical Officers at John Hunter Hospital in January.
StreetSide Medics
27 Jan 2021
PoCT is working with StreetSide Medics, a medical service dedicated to those experiencing homelessness, to provide point of care testing in their mobile clinic.
AQURE Upgrade 2021
27 Jan 2021
Point of Care Testing AQURE program upgrade is tentatively schedule for February 2021.
Abbott i-STAT CG8+ cartridge update
26 Jan 2021
Ionised calcium on the Abbott i-STAT point of care testing device removed from CG8+ cartridge panel.
Radiometer delivery reminder & warehouse closure dates - Dec/Jan
24 Nov 2020
The last day of dispatch from Radiometer's Melbourne warehouse will be Tuesday 22nd December 2020. The warehouse will close over the Christmas-New Year period and resume for deliveries on Monday 4th J ...
Training program making a difference
19 Nov 2020
The PoCT team has been working with Nurse Unit Managers to increase syringe amounts to improve accuracy of results.
Riverina and Murrumbidgee health care workers trained on latest point-of-care systems
18 Nov 2020
The Wagga Wagga Daily Advertiser has highlighted point of care testing and its usefulness in rural and remote hospitals so that blood tests can be completed quickly without having to transfer patients ...
Record Number of IoT Gateways Online
16 Oct 2020
Our Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) team had a record number of IoT Gateways online, having 35 connected simultaneously.
• 15 x PeriLynx
• 5 x CoaguChek (XS and Pro II)
• 3 x Afinion (AS100 and 2)
• 1 x iSTAT Alinity
• 1 x HemoScreen
• 2 x Welch Allyn vital sign devices
• 8 x Test gateways with ICT team 

PixCell Medical Approved by TGA
2 Oct 2020
The Therapeutic Goods Administration has approved the PixCell Medical device, distributed by Point of Care Diagnostics Australia Pty Ltd for haematology full blood count IVDs.  Click here to review the Public Summary.
PoCD PixCell
T2 Biosystems is here at Westmead!
11 Sep 2020
NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing team is helping Westmead and JHH laboratories with the clinical trial of the T2 Biosystems. Installation and commission of T2 Biosystems at Westmead, thanks to Tom Olma and his team, is complete and training commenced on Tuesday 8th September. The training went very well and feedback from laboratory staff was that it is very easy to use. Performance data will be available within the next few weeks and soon after patient testing as part of the clinical trial will commence.

First e-Application received
8 Sep 2020
NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing received the first e-application (foetal fibronectin, Wagga, Deniliquin and Griffith Hospitals) using a system developed by Matthew Linsley-Noakes, one of our Product and Customer Support Officers. Everything worked seamless including it automatically going into CRM.

Next steps – automate the rest of the application process!
A big congratulations to the team and in particular Matthew for enabling this.
IoT devices reach 31 in live environments!
3 Sep 2020

NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing has reached a new record this morning with 31 IoT gateways now currently online simultaneously. The discovery and subsequent fix of the default gateway dropping has significantly improved the stability of all gateways. In addition to 8 test units scattered around the PoCT team, there are 23 gateways in clinical settings helping the following devices send information:
• 13 x PeriLynx
• 2 x Afinion AS100
• 1 x Afinion 2
• 3 x CoaguChek XS Pro
• 1 x CoaguChek Pro II
• 2 x Welch Allyn vital signs devices

Below is a picture of the units in the Newcastle SIM lab doing various testing (Jasper SIM’s, reboot scripts , runup processes, new imaging, device testing etc)
IoT devices

New Driver added to medical device connections
2 Sep 2020
The PoCT team continue to build internal capability around medical device driver development. As of today, we now have the capability to send real-time results from the Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor 6000 series. The team had previously piloted the Proactive Sepsis Management tool with the 7000 series device, but have added the 6000 series to the supported IoT driver list after a request was put in from the Clinical Operations Director at Northern NSW LHD.

Stroke Week at Wagga Wagga Hospital 
1 Sep 2020
The CoaguChek (INR testing) is on display as is the new sticker to remind staff that results greater than 4 need to be repeated in the laboratory.
IoT - New Technology! Cheaper Solution!
26 Aug 2020
NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing has been using Telstra sim cards in the Internet of Things (IoT) boxes to send real-time patient results through the mobile network, securely from medical devices. If an IoT box went offline (like when our mobile phones drop out of service), our team was unable to effectively troubleshoot due to lack of visibility over the service.

NSW Health Pathology's Sepsis Project team spent 15 months trying to find a suitable IoT Communications Management Portal; one of them being Jasper. Jasper is a special Telstra sim card, which provides the team privileged access to Telstra diagnostic and management tools from a secure cloud service. This management portal has provided our team with incredible oversight of the Telstra service, which previously was completely unknown. They can use this portal for remote management of the sim cards and troubleshooting. Sepsis Project team was even able to negotiate a new contract with Telstra, so the Jasper-enabled SIM's were cheaper than the current IoT plans used.

This new innovation has not only refined a manual, time consuming process but has also provided a spotlight for monitoring IoT services, whilst saving the organisation money.  NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing and its Sepsis Project team are the first NSW Health entity to use this platform and it is soon to be adopted by other health agencies due to the incredible opportunities it presents.
T2 Biosystems has arrived at Westmead to help battle sepsis
26 Aug 2020
The T2 Biosystem technology and consumables have arrived at Westmead Hospital laboratory on Monday and engineers are installing, calibrating and performing quality testing prior to the commencement of a clinical trial. Tom Olma and his team are overseeing the testing.

The T2Bacteria Panel provides species identification in 3 to 5 hours in whole blood compared to blood culturing which can take 1 to 5 days or more. One T2Bacteria test result detects the equivalent of three sets of blood cultures for many species. The potential benefits of this technology include an improved time to targeted therapy. By incorporating the Panel as part of the sepsis bundle, physicians can get more patients on the right therapy faster, thus improving empiric therapy protocols, potentially preventing the progression of sepsis, while increasing the chances of both patient survival and recovery.
Western NSWLHD Educator Study Day
20 Aug 2020

PoCT Clinical Training Coordinator Amy Sutherland presented at the Western NSWLHD Educator Study Day held in Dubbo on Thursday 20th August.

28 Clinical Nurse Educators (CNE’s) from across the region met together face to face and virtually for a day filled with information on clinical education and updates. Amy used her timeslot to provide information on how PoCT is continuing to support Western NSWLHD, updates and future plans for PoCT and to advertise her ideas and plans for education in Western NSW in the future. The session was well received with a number of educators reaching out to Amy for further resources and collaboration with her in their facilities. The Western PoCT team consisting of Linda Wilson, Roshani Adelt and Sarrah Hwang also attended for support and networking.western_educator_day_1_AUG20   western_educator_day_AUG20

Current IoT connectivity status
29 Jul 2020
The PoCT Service is rapidly utilising its IoT capability to improve result delivery service and patient management opportunities within NSW Health.  Currently:
• 9 PoCT pathology devices are connected through IoT within NSW Hospitals (ED, Paed's, OT, Path)
• 20 CareTaker vital signs devices are connected through IoT for University of New England.  (CareTaker is a continous vital signs monitor used for remotely monitoring patients, focusins on solutions to manage COVID positive patients outside of hospital)
• 11 PeriLynx devices used for maternal screening are in the process of being connected through IoT in birthing suites
• 18 different device models are able to connect through IoT diagnostics pipeline including pathology and medical PoCT devices
• 806 pathology results sent through IoT so far in 2020
• 14 INR patient results, monthly QC results and bimonthly QA results (100% transmission rate) transmitted through IoT pipeline in Trangie (this device was not connected for 4 years prior)

i-STAT Alinity's being rolled out in response to COVID-19
28 Jul 2020
The PoCT team have been working with Abbott to develop, test and implement remote management software for the new fleet of Alinity's.  As part of the wave 1 COVID-19 preparations, NSW Health Pathology purchased 101 i-STAT Alinity analysers, the newest model in the i-STAT range.  91 of these are now connected to the remote management software which allows software upgrades and other device setting changes to be performed remotely without having to recall devices to a central location or technicians attend to the device in situ.  21 of the fleet are now being used for patient testing.

3ml Syringe Education Update
30 Jun 2020
Virtual training has now been completed with Far West LHD, Western NSW LHD, Murrumbidgee LHD and Southern NSW LHD over 24 sessions by PoCT Clinical Training Coordinator, Amy Sutherland for using 3ml heparinised syringes when testing on CG4+, CG8+ and CHEM8+ cartridges.  Previous collection methods had potential for misinterpretation of blood acid base when testing blood gases and showed bias towards lower than expected pCO2 and corresponding higher than expect pH.
3ml syringe education 3ml syringe ivc draw

Hospital in the Home (HITH) Goes Live
4 Jun 2020
NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing team demonstrated our Hospital in the Home (HITH) services yesterday in Armidale.  Federal Ministers, Mark Coulton and Barnaby Joyce were excited to see this palliative care initiative using CareTaker devices and our Internet of Things (IoT) technology for transmitting results, resulting in a better quality of life, by allowing patients to stay at home whilst being monitored by Health professionals.  This will reduce unnecessary hospital visits and provide a better service for patients.

Watch the NBN News and Prime 7 features.
HITH 1 HITH 2 HITH 3 Caretaker
Radiometer Update
2 Jun 2020
Here is the latest update from Radiometer:
• Field Service Engineers have resumed normal activities, carrying out preventative maintenance visits and software upgrades.
• Sales and Applications team is back to supporting customers where the risk is acceptable and local guidelines are met.
• Instrument availability will ramp up in June with increased volumes for production.
• there is currently no issues with supply chain or consumable availability. 

Device Alerts
23 Apr 2020
The Point of Care Testing Device Alerts page has been updated so we can better promote the tracking of recalls and/or alerts to our customers.

Virtual Hospital in Armidale - on Sunrise
15 Apr 2020
NSW Health Pathology's Sepsis Project team will be applying their skills to assist University of New England and local New England clinicians establish in-home monitoring. 

The NSW Health Pathology Pathway data capture and display solution will be used to help vital signs information from CareTaker devices be securely transmitted using the Internet of Things (IoT) devices and then displayed on a dashboard for medical teams to manage patients from a central monitoring location.  The dashboard will be modified from the current sepsis dashboard to create a more comprehensive deteriorating.  Check out the news link.

Point of Care Testing Service has opportunities to join our team
15 Apr 2020
Product and Customer Support Officer positions will be based in Newcastle/Hunter (1), Kempsey (1) and Sydney (2) to assist our existing PoCT team members deliver its world class service.  We are looking for people who know how to consistently support customers with smiles and good grace, are resilient and want to be part of a successful, cohesive and supportive team.  These positions are the starting place for those looking for a challenge in a rapidly expanding and changing diagnostic world.  Apply today.

RCPA Position Statement on COVID-19 IgG/IgM PoCT Kits
3 Apr 2020 
The Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) has distributed a position statement relating to the acute diagnosis of COVID-19.

Blood Gas Analyser and Other Device Procurement Status
1 Apr 2020
NSW Health Pathology have been working with COVID coordinators from Local Health Districts, laboratories, Clinical Streams and HealthShare to identify and procure technology to support ICUs, EDs and COVID wards to get ready for a surge in activity.  The PoCT team are managing applications to ensure the process is followed with laboratory management and LHD management involved in the final decision making.  This will allow for a tailored approach that suits each hospital's needs.  This will involve supply of new devices or relocation of existing technology:

The status of implementations will be supported with the following technology that has been ordered:
•  15 Werfen GEM5000 blood gas analysers - 10 available next week (all that is currently available in Australia)
•  17 Radiometer ABL90 blood gas analysers - 6 available next week (6 weeks for delivery of 11 remaining)
•  101 iSTAT Alinity's which will be an option for some sites as well as backup should a supply line fail for Radiometer ABL or GEM5000 blood gas analysers (delivery later this week)
•  100 SolidRun IoT devices to enable electronic result delivery of the iSTAT Alinity's (delivery commencing in two weeks)
•  50 PoCT Full Blood Count devices - earmarked to support regional, rural and remote emergency departments and their associate laboratories (delivery commencing in two weeks)

COVID-19 Testing Kits
31 Mar 2020

NSW Health Pathology have been collating a list of all emerging test kits.  So far we have identified over 120 different technologies from many different countries.  We have categorised these according to the following:
•  Laboratory PCR test
•  PCR test in under an hour
•  Antigen detection test
•  Anitbody detection test

Our plan is to evaluate a selection which will be shortlisted by our Microbiology Stream Committee based on whether the product is from a reputable manufacturer and/or the supporting documentation indicates an acceptable analytical quality and/or the product is already available in Australia in sufficient quantities and/or it is developed and manufactured locally.  We will receive the first stock of antibody test kits for evaluation this week (criteria met = the product is already available in Australia).

The evaluation will be coordinated by Chris Kot, NSW Health Pathology Evaluation Coordinator and conducted by various NSW Health Pathology laboratories.  At this stage there are no plans to evaluate laboratory based PCR solutions given the current performance and efforts will focus on the other categories.  Westmead Hospital Serology department will be evaluating anitbody detection kits.
For more information contact Chris Kot.

What PoCT is doing to help during COVID-19
30 Mar 2020
A new communication channel in Microsoft TEAMs has been created to centralise all Point of Care Testing information during COVID-19.  The information on this page will reflect our priorities and responsibilities of these important tasks.  This can be summarised as:

1. Ensuring Emergency Departments, ICU's and new COVID specific spaces have access to the PoCT they need.  This will ensure devies are in situ and connected withing the next two weeks, staff are training to use them and they have enough stock to run required tests.
Who - PoCT Zone Managers and their teams, Training Coordinator  and PoCT ICT team (20 people)
What - This will include a summary of application for new devices and what PoCT has been implemented at each hospital.  Stock reports will also be included subject to data availability.

2. Collating list of new COVID technology
Who - PoCT Evaluation Coordinator and two unpaid University students (3 people)
What - This will include a comprehensive list of new technology, the evaluation list and status, evaluation reports and decisions on utility

3. Setting up and maintaining systems
Who - PoCT Service Support Officer and Quality System Support Officer (2 people)
What - Establishing communication systems and supporting existing quality systems (such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Cubit)

4. In-home monitoring solution using Sepsis Dashboard
Who - Project team from the Proactive Sepsis Management Project (4 people)
What - Integrating CareTaker vital signs device and finalising the dashboard to receive live data.
Past News Stories

Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) Visit
1 Dec 2019
In late 2019, a representative from the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation visited NATA to observe how Point of Care Testing (PoCT) accreditation is managed and assessed in Australian.  Click here to read more.