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Pre-analytics in PoCT

It is well noted errors in Point of Care Testing mostly occur in pre-analytics. Many of these are based on how blood is collected. 

Our new Operator Competency program focuses specifically on these errors made on point of care devices within this phase.

Our training will continue this theme to support our customers in ensuring
a good test, every time.  Look out for these sessions to be delivered by
PoCT Coordinators throughout LHD's. 

In the meantime, watch our video to learn about


BD 3ml Preset Blood Gas Syringe Roll Out Resources (For: WNSWLHD, FWLHD, SNSWLHD, MLHD) 

  • NSWHP PoCT BD Preset Blood Gas Syringe Quick Tips Clip 


Virtual Education Recorded Sessions 2021 

  • 2 Simple Ways To Get Better, More Accurate Results in PoCT
    Presented by Clinical Training Coordinator Amy Sutherland 

    We discuss two things clinical staff can do during collection and handling of PoCT samples that can lead to better, more accurate results. This session focuses predominantly on the i-STAT but includes components relevant to larger PoCT devices.


  • 3 Things We Do Wrong That Affect Our PoCT Results 
    Presented by Clinical Training Coordinator Amy Sutherland 

Identifies the top 3 mistakes made during collection that account for preanalytical errors in PoCT and how we can prevent them.


  • Collection via venepuncture and invasive lines for PoCT
    Presented by Clinical Training Coordinator Amy Sutherland

A session to discuss effective methods of collecting your PoCT sample via venepuncture and cannulation that avoids preanalytical errors and ensures a quality sample for testing. 


  • Things to look out for when using your PoCT devices 
    Presented by PoCT Coordinator Roshani Adelt

A brief overlook on what you can look out for when using PoCT devices. This session will touch upon competencies, what PoCT monitor, the most common errors we see & will include correct processes & procedures regarding your device. Please note: part of this session focuses on the CoaguChek (INR device) which may not be available in your facility. 



Training Webinars

NSW Health Pathology Point of Care Testing regularly hosts a variety of free, educational webinars.  These sessions are presented by subject matter experts from various clinical fields, covering a diverse range of point of care topics for anyone wishing to attend.  Watch this page for updates on upcoming sessions.

 Preanalytical Invite
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