Pathology services

Our pathology services touch people at every stage of life.

We provide antenatal screening for expectant parents and diagnose medical conditions throughout childhood, adulthood and old age.

Our expertise helps improve the management and treatment of illness, and our forensic medicine teams provide the care families need after the unexpected death of a loved one.

Our pathologists are medically trained clinicians who work in public hospitals and modern laboratories. They’re supported by scientists, technicians and support staff who quickly and accurately assess samples so clinical teams can make the best possible treatment decisions for patients.  

Quick facts: 

  • Seventy percent of medical decisions rely on pathology.  
  • One in every two Australians had a pathology test last year.
  • Every cancer diagnosis relies on pathology. 

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Changes to the structure of our pathology services

We’ve created a new operating model for our pathology services to ensure we have closer, more responsive relationships with our customers.

From July 2017, we no longer have separate and distinct pathology networks (e.g. Pathology North, Pathology West, etc).  Instead we've come together as a statewide pathology service, with Local Pathology Teams looking after the needs of local customers and building strong local relationships.

The new operating model will help ensure we’re focused on improving relationships with customers, improving services and building greater customer loyalty.  

What’s changing for our pathology teams 

  • We’ve created a new role on our Strategic Leadership Team to lead our pathology operations. Associate Professor Rob Lindeman is our new Executive Director of Clinical Operations.
  • We’ve created and filled five new Operations Directors roles with new accountabilities.
  • Operations Directors and Local Pathology Directors will have shared responsibility to lead our Local Pathology Teams. These positions report to our Executive Director of Clinical Operations.
  • Pathways for clinical and professional support will be clearly defined and consistent across sites.
  • There may be changes in reporting lines for some Laboratory Managers, as the intent is for all Lab Managers to report to an Operations Manager. This varies at some of our sites currently.
  • Operations Directors will provide senior leadership and support for multiple Local Pathology Teams in their areas of responsibility as outlined below:
Darren Croese
p. 4921-4453
Heather Sharman 
p. 8738 5002
Sue McLennan 
p. 0411 157 654 
Keiran Wicks 
p. 02 8890 4969
Neil Catlett 
p. 0417 954 824

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Our new Executive Director of Clinical Services and our five pathology Operations Directors are currently working with each of our sites to build their local pathology team and ensure accountabilities and relationship points with local customer contacts are clear. 

For most of our lab and collection staff, reporting lines and local management structures haven’t changed.  But that doesn’t mean it’s status quo – because our new structure is all about thinking and working differently. It's about breaking down silos to help us create new connections, build closer and more responsive customer relationships, and deliver best practice consistently across the state