NSW Health Pathology is creating a statewide genomics service.  It will pool the expertise that exists across our laboratories into a coordinated service dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art diagnostics and care for patients.

As the largest public pathology provider in Australia, we need to be at the forefront of the genomics revolution. NSW Health Pathology Genomics will help ensure we are a strong, recognisable force in a highly competitive field. 

Read what our Director of Genomics has said about how we're leading the charge to create a statewide genomics service

Genomics in healthcare

Our pathologists and scientists are developing faster, more efficient tests for an ever-expanding range of genes linked to hereditary conditions including cancer, heart disease and developmental delay in children.

Using advancing technologies we can increase the number of samples that can be tested, the number of genes that can be analysed and the speed which samples can be processed. This means faster results for more patients so they can work with their specialist clinical teams to make more informed decisions about their care.

Achievements so far

Our expert staff have a strong track record of success across a range of genomics specialties, including:

Our Forensic & Analytical Science Service is also exploring the use of genomics to help solve crimes and determine cause of death in some unexplained cases.

Benefits of a statewide service

  • Having a statewide genomics service will deliver a range of benefits to patients, clinicians and our staff.  NSW Health Pathology Genomics will:
  • Put us in a better position to more rapidly embrace and translate new knowledge and technologies
  • Help ensure clinicians and their patients have better access to our genomics expertise regardless of geographic boundaries
  • Help us reduce unnecessary duplication and ensure we make the most of our resources
  • Enable us to provide a broader range of clinically relevant testing
  • Put us in a better position to lead and support genomics research and innovations
  • Provide exciting new opportunities and career paths for our staff.  

    Actions underway

    • Dr Cliff Meldrum was appointed as our first Director of Medical Genomics in April 2016 and will lead the transition to a statewide service.

    • We have a three-year genomics strategic plan in place to guide our efforts, and we’re creating a small management unit to drive the plan forward.

    • The Genomics Strategic Plan 2016-2018 (PDF 527KB) was developed with the NSW Health Pathology Genomics Steering Committee, which includes representatives from all of our pathology services.

    • From June, Dr Meldrum is visiting our genomics labs to talk about NSW Health Pathology Genomics and why we’re taking this new approach.

    • Dr Meldrum will also meet with several of our Clinical Streams to get their input on the relationship between genomics and their disciplines and how we can improve collaboration.  


    • Genomic medicine is not just about technology and data. It’s also about the interaction between this data and the health system. We're building partnerships and systems to help bridge this gap.
    • We’re a partner of the Australian Genomics Health Alliance, which was a recipient of a recent $25 million grant from the National Health and Medical Research Council to research how genomics should be implemented into healthcare in Australia.
    • Our pathologists and scientists are represented on the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and other influential bodies active in genomics.
    • We're partnering with the Garvan Institute and other organisations to further advance the application of advancing technologies in better clinical diagnostics and care. 


    For more information contact Dr Cliff Meldrum ph.02 4920 4077