Immunology Clinical Stream

The immunology stream has representation from all the networks and meets monthly. It is providing a forum for scientists and immunologists to work together to achieve greater standardisation of practice.  Networks are raising issues to the committee and developing an agreed approach.

This is leading to improvements in quality, safety and efficiency.



Achievements so far

The stream has worked to:

  • collate all serum specific IgE testing allergens used into a single spreadsheet, to avoid duplication and minimise waste from expired reagents
  • reach an agreement that C-reactive protein is not a critical value
  • defined key performance indicators for NSW Health Pathology immunopathology laboratories
  • defined top ten tests for high level validation and to aid with the larger benchmarking spreadsheet
  • refined terminology for collating and comparing activity between immunopathology laboratories
  • set common maintenance and reagent unit prices to the same amount for each laboratory
  • sourced a quality activity diary from each member
  • surveyed approaches to Extractable Nuclear Antigen testing and sslgE testing
  • surveyed approaches to ssIgE testing
  • assessed feasibility of an ENA Line Immunoassay (LIA) customised for NSWHP
  • agreed convention on reporting terminology for autoantibodies (detected / not detected)
  • discussed new assays prior to introduction
  • compared billing systems and strategies for infrastructure fees.  Revisited revenue per test to inform individual labs on actual cost per test to refine testing strategy
  • discussed ideal run sizes for batch testing for ssIgE testing, discussed ratio of tests per calibrator(s) as a more relevant marker of waste that consumable unit cost
  • review sendaways and refer within NSWHP as possible
  • gain access to collaborative space using MS Sharepoint