Key projects

Our Operations Team delivers diagnostic pathology services to patients of local health districts and other referrers. Local Pathology Teams oversee those services and ensure that we maintain strong relationships with our partners and clinicians.

It is led by Executive Director of Clinical Operations Professor Robert Lindeman. He is supported by Local Pathology Directors and Operations Directors who provide leadership to Local Pathology Teams.

 Our Operations Directors are responsible for:

  • Senior operational leadership, governance and management for Local Pathology Teams
  • Oversight of the day-to-day operations of Pathology Services delivered to our local customers
  • Enacting on and implementing NSWHP strategic priorities organisational strategy at local levels
  • Ensuring effective communication and relationships with LHD partners and customers.

Visit here for contact details of our Operations Directors and other key operational staff. 

Local Pathology Directors are responsible for: 

  • Senior medical leadership, governance, and management for Local Pathology Teams
  • Local medical workforce coordination and management, involving ongoing active oversight of supervision arrangements
  • Building and managing effective communication and relationships with Clinicians and Local Health District counterparts
Area  Name
Central Coast   Deo De Wit
Far West   Wieslawa Wielebinski
Hunter New England (Newcastle)  Huy Tran
Hunter New England (Tamworth)  Anita Mani
Illawarra Shoalhaven   Peter Newton
Murrumbidgee  Jeff Donlon
Mid North Coast  Richard Tustin
Nepean Blue Mountains   Stuart Adams
Northern NSW  Yves Steppeler 
North Sydney  Tom Kennedy
South Eastern Sydney (Kogarah)  Peter Taylor
South Eastern Sydney (Randwick)   Vacant 
Southern  Peter Newton
South West Sydney   Michael Maley
Sydney (Camperdown)  James Kench
Sydney (Concord)   Margaret Janu
Western Sydney  Dominic Dwyer
Western NSW   Wieslawa Wielebinski

Local Pathology Teams:  

Operations Directors and Local Pathology Directors are supported by a team of professionals who provide advice and strategy options for local operational and business functions. Members of these teams may report locally to Operations Directors, or centrally into state-wide teams.

The teams include:

  • Operations Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Business Managers
  • Quality Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Laboratory Managers
  • and other functions (Work Health and Safety, Point of Care Coordinators and more). 

The teams are responsible for:

  • The delivery of quality pathology services to customers in their area.
  • Facilitating close relationships and effective communication with hospital management and clinicians.
  • Response to customer needs in an effective, timely way. 
  • Partnering with individual hospitals and local health districts to continually improve services and the quality of care for patients.