Regional contestability

NSW Health Pathology has completed a regional contestability analysis designed to gauge the competitiveness of our regional pathology services.  

We focused on five markets as our starting point and worked with laboratory managers and customers to better understand a range of issues that affect pathology services in regional areas. 

Why we need a regional contestability analysis

The regional contestability analysis is part of a broader strategy to boost our competitive edge and help ensure we’re contestable in the marketplace.

Experience from other areas suggest the threat of competition is more likely in regional areas given the high volume, low complexity of pathology tests performed on site. 

This project was designed to help us understand what we’re doing well, what we need to improve, and the strategies we need to put in place to build customer loyalty and have a strong regional services

It looked at issues that influence regional pathology services such as:

  • Perceptions of our services among our customers and other key stakeholders
  • Scope of local services provided
  • Scope of local competition
  • Relationships with our customers (and our customers’ relationships with our competition)
  • Cost of our pathology services

    Insights from the project:

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