Smarter better services

smarterWe’re using our critical mass to secure better deals, deliver efficiencies and transform our services. Any savings can be re-directed to innovation, research, front-line patient care and more timely forensic analysis. 

Timely, accurate diagnosis leads to better clinical decisions, faster treatment, reduced acuity and shorter length of stay in our hospitals. That means lower costs to the health system and time saved for patients. 

With timely, reliable analysis from our forensic services, police can better target their investigations and direct their crime-fighting resources where they’re most needed.


  • We've introduced a new procurement approach which includes collaborative tendering, a statewide procurement committee, stronger engagement with vendors and specialised training for laboratory managers and staff.
  • We introduced a rebate scheme for Local Health Districts that sees additional unplanned pathology activity billed at marginal rates.
  • We changed billing practices to Medicare and various health funds to speed processing, reduce debts and increase patient satisfaction.
  • We have maintained or reduced pathology prices which means there’s more money in the system for patient care.
  • Our teams have drastically reduced or eliminated backlogs in toxicology, illicit drugs and post-mortem reports by structuring services around critical mass and working smarter.
  • We established a work health and safety framework to help reduce our workers compensation premiums.
  • We adopted new technologies and approaches to streamline analysis and significantly reduce turn-around times and costs in our pathology and forensic science services.
  • We’re the first to introduce fully automated microbiology laboratories in NSW, which will improve the scientific, technical and financial efficiency of our microbiology services.