Help solve crimes

Our forensic science teams are world leaders in providing the analysis and intelligence investigators need to solve crimes. They’re renowned for their ability to bring the latest technologies into practice and deliver fast, reliable results to our law enforcement partners. 


  • Our forensic DNA facility was specially designed by our scientists. It is the first facility in Australiasia to use end-to-end robotics for DNA extraction, analysis and interpretation of samples from exhibits provided by the NSW Police. 
  • Our Chemical Criminalistics Laboratory analyses a range of evidence under one roof, including ignitable liquids, gunshot residues, explosives and chemical warfare agents. 
  • Our DNA Research Laboratory helps fast-track implementation of the latest technologies to support criminal investigation analysis.
  • We developed a method to screen for more than 90 drugs in a single analysis and deliver results in half the time it’s previously taken.
  • We worked with NSW Police to develop a presumptive drug testing program for less than trafficable amounts using handheld devices. These devices can identify the presence of key illicit drugs in roughly 20 seconds. 
  • We test for a broad range of licit and illicit drugs in suspects involved in motor vehicle accidents.
  • We also provide evidence analysis in homicide, assault and drink spiking investigations.