Deliver extensive services

extensiveAs the largest public pathology service in Australia, we can tap into our vast network of laboratories to provide analysis and expertise that drive clinical decisions 

We develop and are often one of the few providers of specialised tests not funded through the Medicare Benefits Scheme.

Our clinical and scientific staff are some of the most prestigious and well-regarded experts in their fields – and our forensic experts provide the intelligence and medico-legal advice our justice partners rely on.


  • We operate over 60 laboratories, 200 hospital and community-based collection services and several forensic mortuaries across NSW.
  • Our dedicated staff perform roughly 61 million tests each year and many of our facilities operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • We’ve invested in new technologies to improve turn-around times, increase throughput and enhance quality.
  • We operate one of the only TGA-accredited laboratories in Australia that uses specialised pathology testing for organ and tissue donation services.
  • We manage one of only two laboratories in Australia investigating porphyria disorders, which are rare metabolic conditions that result from a build-up of natural chemicals in the body and can cause significant health problems.
  • Findings from our post-mortem examinations can offer new intelligence about complex medical cases, provide closure for families and support coronial recommendations designed to help reduce avoidable deaths.
  • Many of our expert staff are affiliated with major universities, medical schools and research institutes.