Build knowledge and capacity

buildknowledgeWe translate research into practice and implement new testing methods that improve diagnostics, care and outcomes. 

Our pathologists and scientists collaborate with clinical teams to inform models of care and help ensure appropriate and timely use of pathology. 

We train the next generation of pathologists, scientists and forensic experts. We also use our knowledge to enhance the capacity and capabilities of our healthcare and law enforcement partners. 


  • Our pathologists and scientists provide essential expertise and advice to hospital clinical governance programs designed to help ensure ongoing quality of care for patients.
  • We've created statewide Clinical Streams to further improve the quality, safety and efficiency of our pathology services. They also provide advice on best-practice approaches across the full range of pathology disciplines we provide.
  • We partner with universities and other education and training bodies to enhance skills and career pathways for new and existing employees.
  • Our staff share their expertise with hospital clinical teams in a range of forums, including multi-disciplinary team meetings which are recognised as a gold-standard approach in ensuring quality of care.
  • We collaborate on research with organisations such as the Westmead Millennium Institute, the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Garvan Institute, other branches of NSW Health, and a range of national and international research programs.
  • Our staff make significant contributions to professional practice through their work with associations, advisory councils and teaching institutions.