Plans and Priorities

Our plans, priorities and purpose

Our plans, Our second strategic plan – Towards 2025 (PDF 1.5MB) – marks an important milestone for our organisation as we continue to advance and mature as one statewide service, NSW Health Pathology.

It sets a clear roadmap for our future strategic direction and has been created in genuine partnership with those who rely on and deliver our services.

It is the culmination of thousands of important and valuable contributions from across our organisation as well as customers, peers, partners and community representatives.

Towards 2025 (PDF 1.5MB) builds on the strong foundations we have established in our first six years as trusted partners helping protect and enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of our communities, and as credible stewards of community resources.

But the needs and expectations of our communities, customers and partners have evolved and diversified, which means we must do the same to remain trusted, innovative partners.  

While contestability is not currently a prominent a threat, it would be remiss of us to think we don’t need to remain competitive or continue to demonstrate meaningful and measurable value in all we do. 


We remain committed to our purpose of creating better health and justice systems and to be clear on why we come to work, what unites us and what sets us apart as an organisation:

Caring, connecting and pioneering – for all of us

Clinical Services Plan

We're pleased to share with you our very first Clinical Services Plan (PDF 4.1MB)

This plan is the blueprint for how we will deliver our future services as a statewide network of experts with strong local connections.

Mapping out how we will deliver our future services ensures we can match the evolving needs of our customers and communities, regardless of where they are across the state. 

This is a tool for us to start important conversations with our key customers across the NSW Ministry of Health, local health districts, specialty health networks and pillar agencies, as well as our own staff.

Thank you to everyone involved in shaping this valuable plan for all of us.


For more information contact Nerrida Barton, Director of Planning p. 4920 4042