Our Leadership Team

Our Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) is a future-focused group responsible for enacting the strategy and vision of NSW Health Pathology and overseeing the delivery of quality, customer-focused pathology and forensic and analytical science services to customers and patients across NSW.


Tracey McCosker PNGTracey McCosker, Chief Executive

I am keen to hear from, and talk to, as many staff as possible to ensure we create an extraordinary pathology service for the people we serve, and the people we employ. In 2018, we will prioritise delivering on some exciting new initiatives, and we will start to see real change implemented where it is needed most. We will also invest in some of the practical things that will make your workplace more functional and reflect us maturing into one true state-wide service. I am looking forward to improvements in digital technology and the successful implementation of important change programs that will allow us to operate with greater effectiveness, agility and efficiency, freeing up resources to support exciting research and innovation initiatives. The people in our health and justice systems rely on us to get the right answers, every time.

Roger Wilson2Professor Roger Wilson, Chief Pathologist and Executive Director Clinical Governance and Quality

My main priorities for 2018 are to deliver on some major projects my team has been working on for some time now, and to visit every one of our laboratories across NSW. I want to spend more time meeting our laboratory staff where they work and talk to them about how we are going as an organisation and what things we can do to help them to deliver safe high quality services for patients and other customers across NSW. I’m looking forward to getting a better understanding of the things that are important to our staff, the challenges they face in their work, how our transformation program looks from their perspective and to use that understanding to inform my input into executive planning and decision making. 


Stephen BrayeDr Stephen Braye, Chief Medical Information Officer & Executive Director Clinical Services

Rob LindemanAssociate Professor Rob Lindeman, Executive Director Clinical Operations

This year I will be settling Local Pathology Directors into their new roles and continuing to build a strong operations team, while ensuring Local Pathology teams are in place at all our sites and are fulfilling their functions. We will be improving communication with Clinical Streams to make sure that Streams and Operations are working well together. I’ll also be visiting as many of our laboratories as possible to try and understand their particular issues and concerns and ensure we have the right mix of staff to meet the needs of our patients and customers. I’m looking forward to some innovative developments, like the roll-out of PathWorks, an app that will give clinicians secure access to NSW Health Pathology results and allow them to place orders from mobile devices. 

Michael Symonds PNGMichael Symonds, Executive Director, Forensic and Analytical Science Service

Since joining NSW Health Pathology late last year, I have been impressed by the passion, capability and expertise of our forensic medicine and analytical science colleagues. This is reflected in the outcomes being achieved and the respect afforded by those who rely on our services.  Throughout 2018 we will continue to build upon these achievements, ensuring stability by clarifying our organisational structure and emphasising service integration across the Forensic & Analytical Science Service and NSW Health Pathology. I will be listening closely to our stakeholders and partner agencies so that we can better meet their requirements and exceed their expectations. Our end goal is to always be delivering services that are reliable, timely and increasingly valuable to their operations. I am looking forward to the completion of our new Forensic Medicine Coroner's Court Complex in Lidcombe next year which represents a huge opportunity for the future provision of Forensic Medicine in this state. 


Michael WhileyMichael Whiley, Director Medical Services


Martin Sainsbur2y PNGMartin Sainsbury, Executive Director People and Culture

Paul DunnPaul Dunn, Executive Director Finance


Vanessa Thomsom portraitVanessa Thomson, Executive Director Scientific and Technical

Nicole TripneyNicole Tripney, Executive Director Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications team wants to support you in the work you do to improve the lives of the people of NSW.  This year we’ll share and celebrate more of your stories and achievements with colleagues and external stakeholders, and focus on helping protect and promote our role as vital partners in the delivery of world-class, statewide public pathology and forensic services. You’ll see more modern, agile and engaging ways of communicating with you and our external stakeholders. That means more digital content, more local stories and awareness campaigns, the launch of our corporate Facebook page, and shorter, sharper updates on what matters most to us internally and to those we provide expert services to. I’ll be out meeting staff and finding ways to help you do what you do best, and what ultimately helps us create better health and justice systems for NSW.

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