Our Governance

We're committed to delivering efficient, effective and transparent services for the people of NSW. We have set out important structures, systems, processes and behaviours to help us achieve this in an open, accountable and ethical way. 

Our Board

Our Board is responsible for overseeing our overall strategic direction and performance. It oversees making decisions for the collective benefit of the public health and justice systems. This includes ensuring:

  • effective corporate and clinical governance frameworks are in place
  • systems are in place to support integration of pathology and forensic and analytical science  services  with the wider health and justice systems,
  • robust and transparent reporting mechanisms are in place,
  • our services are effective, efficient and sustainable, and
  • the monitoring of our overall performance.

Board members have expertise and knowledge in pathology, public health services and medical research.

Our board is supported by three subcommittees:

  • Audit and Risk Management
  • Finance and Performance
  • Clinical Council

Our governance systems

Our Governance Committees oversee and shepherd the progress of issues critical to our success including:

  • Clinical Governance, Quality and Risk
  • Organisational Performance
  • Organisational Transformation
  • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)

Each governance committee is chaired by a member of the Strategic Leadership Team.

The NSW Health Pathology Clinical Governance Framework (PDF 1006.5KB) supports all staff in making NSW Health Pathology’s care and services continuously and measurably better and safer for patients and communities and also a rewarding workplace for staff.

Our Executive Forum brings together our extended leadership to ensure statewide strategy is effectively implemented and communicated at the local level.  It helps us to identify and respond to emerging opportunities and technology. It also provides advice about how to position us as a leader of pathology and forensic and analytical science services. It is made up of: 

  • Strategic Leadership Team members
  • Operations Directors
  • our new Director of Medical Services
  • Clinical Stream Leads 
  • various directors responsible areas such as strategic planning, logistics, ICT and other critical statewide functions 

The Executive Forum is chaired by the Chief Executive and meets four times a year.

Other advisory committees / working parties

We have established a range of specific purpose committees and working parties to support the work that we do. These Committees range from decision making to advisory and include:

  • Clinical Streams
  • Clinical Services (Point of Care Testing and Genomics)
  • Emergency management
  • Operational performance
  • Procurement
  • Research and innovation
  • Intellectual property
  • Benchmarking and performance

NSW Health Pathology is also a member of several statewide biobanking committees which are led by NSW Health. For now, we'll continue participating in NSW Health's framework. We'll assess any additional governance needs for our biobanking services at a later point.


For more information contact the
Strategic Communications Team
p. 02 4920 4000