You can help give a family the opportunity to understand the reasons for their loss by referring their case for a post mortem examination.

Please contact our Care Coordinator as soon as possible who can help:

  • provide the treating team with information to determine if a post mortem examination and the ancillary tests available will be of benefit
  • connect the perinatal pathologist with the family to help answer questions and explain the types of tests involved
  • with the consent process and documentation required
  • arrange transport for the baby or placenta
  • ensure the family’s individual cultural and religious needs are met

Our Care Coordinator  p. 0459 890 835 is available via email Monday - Friday during business hours (with weekend emails answered the next working day).  If your request is urgent, please contact  Dr Nicky Graff (02) 98453307.

Service Guides
  • Post mortem indication guide
  • Post mortem referral guide
  • Post mortem documentation guide
  • Post mortem consent guide
  • Preparation of baby and placenta for transportation
  • Transportation guide
  • Post mortem consent form
  • Post mortem referral form
  • Cremation certificate
  • Medical certificate cause of death
  • NSWHP travelling with human tissue letter
  • Agreement for disposal of non-viable fetus