NSW Perinatal Post Mortem Service

We are working with The Sydney Children’s Hospital at Westmead to respond to the needs of the hundreds of NSW families who are affected by the death of a child shortly after of before birth by giving them the opportunity to understand the reasons for their loss.

Expert non-coronial perinatal post-mortem services and a range of ancillary tests performed by credentialed Perinatal Anatomical Pathologists are available from three centres at Westmead, Randwick and Newcastle. 

Our Care Coordinator p. 0459 890 835  helps support families and referrers to better understand the service that operates Monday to Friday during business hours (enquiries outside these hours should be emailed to our Care Coordinator who will be in touch the next available working day).  

We provide families with:

  • Family-focused care and consultation with relevant health care teams to help find the answers they need
  • Expert examination using the highest standards
  • Adherence to strict ethical standards of care
  • A service that is free to parents who use it 
  • More information for families here 

We provide referrers with:

  • Expert examination by experienced Perinatal Pathologists and a comprehensive report
  • Access to specialised diagnostic services and sub-specialty consultation
  • Placental histopathology
  • Consultation with clinical teams including presentation at clinical review meetings of case findings
  • Coordination of the perinatal post mortem process including a centralised access point, service information and guides, advice to clinical teams and coordination of transport options and Funeral Directors
  • More information for referrers here

Other information for health professionals about Coronial Cases, Reportable Deaths, Stillbirth and Sudden and Unexplained Death in Infancy is here

Relevant Policies and Guidelines are listed here